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18 extensions for safe and private surfing in Chrome

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Protect yourself from viruses and ad junk, use a VPN and securely store passwords with these extensions.

Ad blockers

1. AdBlock Plus

This extension needs to be installed in Chrome first, and hardly anyone has heard of it. AdBlock Plus blocks ads, banners, pop-ups, advertisements and other garbage on web pages. In addition, this extension warns you against visiting known domains containing malware, and also disables some tracking scripts.

AdBlock Plus is pretty well tuned. You can create black and white lists to block or, conversely, allow the display of elements of web pages. You can block individual elements simply by pointing at them with the mouse. Or you can simply install AdBlock Plus and forget about it: it will cope with advertising without any help.

By the way, here are additional AdBlock Plus listings for those who want to get rid of ads on YouTube and Facebook . The main thing – do not forget to add Lifehacker to the exceptions.

2. uBlock Origin

An alternative to AdBlock Plus, almost the same functional, but it is configured more flexibly. This extension is also a bit more difficult to learn for a novice user.

If you want the ad blocker to do everything for you, install AdBlock Plus. If you want to control everything yourself, choose uBlock Original. A large number of optional filters for this extension can be found here .

3. ScriptSafe

ScriptSafe disables the launch of all scripts on web pages: Java, JavaScript, Flash, and so on. It is a powerful and flexible tool for the advanced user. But keep in mind that ScriptSafe is very aggressive and can break markup on many sites if you don’t configure it properly.

Antitracking Tools

4. Ghostery

Ghostery blocks sites from tracking cookies and scripts. When you click on the extension button, Ghostery will display what exactly is blocked, so that you can choose which types of tracking to block and which ones you can leave. The Ghostery Enhanced Anti Tracking feature, according to developers, anonymizes your data for greater privacy protection.

5. Disconnect Private Browsing

Another privacy-enhancing extension. Disconnect allows you to block website tools that track you, stops the collection of your data from Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on.

In addition, the extension protects you from malware and infected resources. Disconnect Private Browsing has a Secure Wi-Fi feature that can protect your home network.

6. Privacy Badger

A similar extension for automatically protecting the browser from trackers that quietly load when browsing the web. You can easily configure auto-lock settings using the extension button on the browser panel.

Password managers

7. LastPass

Extension of the most popular LastPass password storage service . Able to generate crack-resistant passwords and automatically enter them if necessary.

8. CKP

An alternative to chromeIPass that does not need the installed KeePass client. It can pick up passwords both from the local database and from Dropbox or Google Drive.

9. Blur

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Alternative to LastPass. In addition to generating passwords, it can also be used to mask your email addresses to prevent spam and increase privacy.

VPN extensions

10. Hideman

Hideman connects your Chrome to VPN with 256-bit encryption. In addition to ensuring privacy, the extension can also be used to combat censorship. You can choose from several free VPN servers located in different countries.

11. ZenMate VPN

Another extension for encrypting traffic through a VPN with a convenient interface and a good set of functions. Provides private and anonymous web surfing and blocking bypass.

12. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a very popular VPN service. With this extension, you can not only bypass locks but also protect your data from leakage: for example, on a public Wi-Fi network.

Virus protection

13. Avast Online Security

An extension from the developers of the popular Avast antivirus. It has a function to protect against phishing attacks and automatically fix errors in the URL so that you do not get to a fake website. Avast Online Security also warns you against accessing infected or compromised websites.

14. Online Dr.Web anti-virus

Extension from Dr.Web anti-virus for checking web pages and links. You can start from the context menu and make sure that the site you are about to open is not infected.


15. HTTPS Everywhere

Another Chrome extension that enhances the security of Internet surfing. It forcibly switches the connection from an insecure HTTP protocol to encrypted HTTPS wherever possible.

16. Web of Trust

A popular extension that compiles website reputation ratings based on user reviews. If a site or online store is found to be fraudulent, distributing malware or dishonest to customers, Web Of Trust will give it a red mark. When visiting suspicious sites, the extension will notify you of the danger they may pose.

17. SecureMail for Gmail

A handy Chrome extension for Gmail that allows you to send encrypted emails that no one can read except you and the recipient. You just need to compose an email and encrypt it with a password.

The recipient will have to use the same password to decrypt the email. Encryption takes place on the client-side, so even extension developers cannot access encrypted messages.

18. Mailvelope

An extension is similar to Secure Mail for Gmail. Provides OpenPGP encryption for email providers: Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Without a password, your messages will look like complete gibberish that no one can decrypt.

If we missed some kind of extension, which, in your opinion, simply must be in this list, share in the comments.


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