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5 Useful Chrome Features for Android You May Not Know About

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Test yourself how well you know the mobile browser.

Mobile Chrome has a lot of useful features that you can learn about by accident. Many of them significantly simplify the work with the browser. Here are some of the features available in the Android version of the app.

Quick jump to previous pages

With long-term web surfing, it is often necessary to quickly return to one of the previous pages. You can repeatedly click on the “Back” button, but this is not very convenient if you have visited more than 10-15 pages before.

It is much easier to hold the same “Back” button and select the page you need from the list that opens. From there, you can quickly go to your visit history.

View pages offline

Not everyone knows that mobile Chrome has long been able to save web pages in memory for viewing without a network connection. To do this, just open the main menu and click on the button with the down arrow.

After that, you can also go to all downloaded pages and files from the main menu by opening the “Downloaded files” section. There is a filter available for pictures and other data types.

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Traffic saver

If you often miss the mobile Internet package, it makes sense to enable the option to save traffic. It allows you to compress data, speeding up page loading. In most cases, you will not even notice the difference.

This option is enabled through the “Simplified Mode” settings item. There you can see statistics on saved resources.

Quick tab navigation

To go to the list of all open tabs, click on the number to the right of the search. There is nothing complicated in this action, but sometimes it’s much more convenient to simply swipe down from the same search line or number – this gesture allows you to do the same.

You can also swipe left and right along the search bar, this will allow you to quickly switch to neighboring tabs.

View tab thumbnail

When scrolling through the list of tabs in normal mode, only the “header” of the page with the title is displayed. If you need to see the thumbnail of the tab completely, it is not necessary to open this page.

Directly in the list with a long press you can slide the tab below. This action can be done two to three times in a row, until the page becomes visible in its entirety. An alternative solution is to pull the bottom tab away with your finger while holding the top tab in place (almost like a zoom gesture).


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