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How to setup Linux on Amazon AWS Virtual Machine (ec2)

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Would you like to learn how to create and access an Amazon AWS EC2 Ubuntu Linux virtual machine? In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a new account in Amazon AWS, how to create an instance of an Ubuntu virtual machine, and how to access a new virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux.

How to create a key pair

To access the Linux virtual machine on AWS, you first need to create a private key.

Open your browser, go to the Amazon AWS website and enter your login information.

Upon successful login, you will be sent to the AWS control panel.

Enter the COMPUTE menu and select the EC2 option.

On the EC2 control panel, go to the “Network and Security” menu and press “Key Pair”.

On the Key Pairs screen, click the Create Key Pair button.

You will need to enter a name in a new key pair.

You will need to save the local secret key.

In our example, we created a key pair called TEST.

In our example, we saved a file called TEST.PEM.

How to Create AWS EC2 Ubuntu

From the EC2 control panel, open the Instances menu and click Instances.

On the EC2 Instances screen, click the start run button.

Now it’s time to choose your preferred operating system image.

In the list provided, find and select the Ubuntu Linux image.

As a second step, you will need to select the type of virtual machine that will run Ubuntu Linux.

Basically, you will choose the number of processors and the amount of RAM that you want.

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If you do not want to specify the amount of hard drive available for this virtual machine, click the Browse and Run button.

If you want to specify the hard disk space available for this virtual machine, click the “Configure Detailed Instance Description” button.

On the summary screen, click the Run button.

Select the key pair that is allowed to connect to the new virtual machine, and click “Launch Launch”.

In our example, a key pair named TEST was selected.

From the EC2 control panel, open the Instances menu and click Instances.

As you can see, a new virtual machine has been created.

In our example, the virtual machine received a dynamic IP address:

How to Access AWS Ubuntu

To access the Linux virtual machine, you need to download the following software:

  • Putty
  • PuttyGen

First, we need to convert the private key from PEM format to PPK format.

Open the PuttyGen software, open the “Conversions” menu and select “Import.”

After importing the PEM file, you need to set a password to protect your private key.

Click the Save Private Key button to create a file with the .ppk extension.

In our example, a file was created with the name TEST.PPK.

Open the Putty software, select the SSH option and enter the ubuntu @ username and then the IP address of the AWS virtual machine.

In our example, we used [email protected]

Open the SSH verification tab, click the Browse button, locate the PPK file and click the Open button.

An SSH connection will be launched from your Ubuntu virtual machine.

Use the following command to become the root user in the Ubuntu virtual machine.

# sudo su -

You have successfully created the Ubuntu virtual machine on Amazon AWS.


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