What might artificial intelligence bring to future logistics and retail?

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Currently, with the widespread use of autonomous vehicles such as autonomous trucks, unmanned mobile robots, and drones, the world logistics environment is rapidly undergoing major changes, with striking similarities to futuristic sci-fi movies, both of which are One thing in common is that artificial intelligence technology is used.

Artificial Intelligence in Delivery
Artificial Intelligence in Delivery

First of all, one of the major aspects of the logistics industry embracing the logistics industry is the delivery of drones. Although there are still regulatory obstacles and technical problems that need to be solved, once they can be invested on a large scale, it is bound to change the logistics industry and the retail industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

Second, the most explicit use of artificial intelligence in logistics is to leverage and analyse data in the supply chain and to gain insight into every aspect of the supply chain, but that’s not all.

Artificial Intelligence for prediction

The most revolutionary use of artificial intelligence in the logistics industry is predictive analytics, including forecasting demand, optimising routes, and even managing network management.

Currently, a German e-commerce company has applied artificial intelligence technology in this way, and the company can predict the products sold in the next 30 days with an accuracy of 90%.

Artificial intelligence

In addition, artificial intelligence can improve the cost, transparency and speed of the logistics industry, making internal logistics more efficient and environmentally friendly. At the same time, artificial intelligence will redefine the way in which future logistics and retail value creation.

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