Everything You Need To Know About Tech

Learn CSS variables in 5 minutes

A quick tutorial on how to get started.Custom CSS properties (also known as variables) are a big win for UI developers. They bring the power of variables to CSS, resulting in less repetition, better readability, and more flexibility.

Tools I Should Know About Before I Code

There are thousands of tools in the world of technology that others may advise you. How do you know where to start? Being new to programming, it was difficult for me to weed out this avalanche of information. I found that I am

Things in CSS that no one ever told me about.

This post is by no means a criticism of anyone I have ever worked with, it is just a shortlist of important things I learned about CSS recently through my own research. The fact that it seems to many developers that developers don’t

Recharge terminal: GitHub CLI in action

A few examples of using the new tool from GitHub product manager Billy Grifin. The console utility is still in beta, but it can already do something. A couple of days ago, a beta version of the GitHub CLI was released that extends the

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