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10 tips to speed up Windows 10

You have to disable a lot of “decorations” and secondary functions, but the result is worth it. 1. Simplify the interface A nice translucent “Start” may well affect the speed of the system, especially if you have an inexpensive

How to install macOS through a virtual machine

The most detailed instruction for those who need Xcode or just want to try Apple's proprietary OS. 1. Check PC compatibility To run macOS, you need a relatively modern computer. For more or less comfortable work, you need a

10 programs to create cool animations

With these utilities, making your own cartoon is not as difficult as it seems. 1. Moho Platforms: Windows, macOS. One of the best-specialized tools for working with vector 2D animation and animation. Moho allows you to draw on

How to create your own theme for Google Chrome

If you don’t like the standard design of Chrome or it’s just tired, you can easily create your own theme. To do this, you need a special web-designer of themes, a little inspiration and a few minutes of free time. Although if you

Top 10 Graphics card for gaming in 2019

You are interested in the question, Which video card to buy? Which video cards are the best in price and quality in 2019? Which GPU is better to play the latest games on? In this list you will find TOP 10 best video cards for games.

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