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How to speed up your site using the link tag?

Foreseeing in browsers is the future of high-speed internet surfing. Already, browsers themselves are able to speed up page loading based on user behavior. In fact, they download the content that the user wants, even before he

What is flexbox and how it works

In this article, we will take a closer look at what actually happens when a rule is added display: flexto a stylesheet. Flex container please! To use flexboxes, you must first create a flex container. For this, an instruction is

How to learn programming from scratch

Detailed instructions to help you write good code. 1. Independently If you have iron willpower and burn with the desire to become a programmer, then you can achieve your goal through self-education. This is not the easiest and

9 useful tips for every React.js Developers

I have been using  React.js  for 6 months now. Yes, it sounds like a short time, but for the ever-changing world of JS frameworks, it is very long! I already gave advice to newcomers, and therefore decided that it would be a good idea to

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