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Things in CSS that no one ever told me about.

This post is by no means a criticism of anyone I have ever worked with, it is just a shortlist of important things I learned about CSS recently through my own research. The fact that it seems to many developers that developers don’t

Recharge terminal: GitHub CLI in action

A few examples of using the new tool from GitHub product manager Billy Grifin. The console utility is still in beta, but it can already do something. A couple of days ago, a beta version of the GitHub CLI was released that extends the

20 tips from the Junior Front-end developer

At the beginning of the study, every bit of knowledge is important. For this article, we have selected a list of useful tips for a very green front-end developer. HTML This invention was launched in 1993 and is still the main and

How to speed up your site using the link tag?

Foreseeing in browsers is the future of high-speed internet surfing. Already, browsers themselves are able to speed up page loading based on user behavior. In fact, they download the content that the user wants, even before he

What is flexbox and how it works

In this article, we will take a closer look at what actually happens when a rule is added display: flexto a stylesheet. Flex container please! To use flexboxes, you must first create a flex container. For this, an instruction is

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