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CSS Style Guides for writing CSS like professionals

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Following CSS style guides, you can write beautiful code that will make the work of the project for any developer enjoyable. The guides allow you to create code that is flexible, easily scalable, and very well-documented for anyone who joins the development team.

CSS Guidelines

CSS Guidelines were written by Harry Roberts. These are our personal preferences – we use some parts of this guide in our own projects. High-level guidelines and guides for writing smart, manageable, and scalable CSS.

Dropbox’s (S) CSS style guide

Dropbox Guide for their own styles that guide them in their own projects.

Airbnb CSS / Sass Styleguide

A Smarter CSS and Sass Approach by Airbnb. README on how Airbnb approaches styling with Sass, they also provided an scss-lint.yml file for use in your own project.

Code Guide by Mark Otto

Mark Otto, the creator of Bootstrap, has put together a code guide for developing flexible, durable, and robust HTML and CSS.

CSS Bliss

CSS tutorial that brings CSS cleanliness and simplicity back.

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Sass guidelines

Putting it together Hugo Girodel is an in-depth style guide for writing intelligent, maintainable, and scalable Sass.

Trello CSS Guide

Tutorials, Resources, and CSS Writing Examples for Trello

MVCSS – Modular View CSS

Sass-based CSS architecture for creating predictable and supported styles.

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Yelp’s SCSS Style Guide

This guide contains mixins for many CSS3 features, as well as flexbox, animations, and grids.

Workable’s CSS Style Guide

This is Workable’s style guide, which they use for CSS and Sass in their projects.

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