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How to create your own theme for Google Chrome

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If you don’t like the standard design of Chrome or it’s just tired, you can easily create your own theme.

To do this, you need a special web-designer of themes, a little inspiration and a few minutes of free time. Although if you suffer from perfectionism, you can spend several hours. We have warned you. 🙂

So, open the ThemeBeta web application. You will see tabs with tools for creating themes in the left part of the window and an area for previewing the result in the right.

This constructor allows you to create themes in a semi-automatic mode. But you can also adjust everything manually so that the result is fully consistent with your taste.

1. The easy way

The bottom line is this: you upload any image you like to the designer, and ThemeBeta uses it as the main background for a new theme and automatically adjusts all design colors for it.

To add your picture, under the Basic tab, click Upload an Image and select the desired image on the computer. Then, for the editor to customize the theme colors, click Generate Colors.

If the result suits you, click Pack and Install and confirm the download, and then add the theme to Chrome. The browser immediately activates the new design.

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If, after automatic tuning, you want to change colors or add separate backgrounds for different theme elements, you will need tools under other tabs. More about them in the next paragraph of the article.

2. Advanced way

This way is to manually adjust the backgrounds and colors of the text for the new theme.

To select pictures or colors as backgrounds for different design elements, use the tools under the Images tab. It is enough to hover over any tool, as in the window on the right the designer will show which part of the topic that changes. For example, NTP Background is used to configure the main background. A Tab Background allows you to select the background of the website title.

Having understood the backgrounds, you can adjust the colors of the text on the Colors tab. Everything here works in a similar way. There is a list of tools, point to any of them – and in the window on the right, you will see what he is responsible for.

When done with the backgrounds and colors of the text, open the Pack tab and click Pack and Install to download and apply the selected theme.

In addition, you can always choose and install one of the many ready-made themes from ThemeBeta database or the official Google directory . If in the future you want to return to the standard design, go to the Chrome settings and click on “Default Scale” next to “Themes”.

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