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React, Angular and Vue: what to study?

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A frontend is one of the most dynamically developing areas of modern design. It is not surprising that he was overgrown with a variety of tools, libraries, and frameworks designed to help in the work. But a new problem arises: What to choose to study in such a variety? 

This review will help determine which three aspects are analyzed: why the developers choose to React, Angular or Vue, how convenient it is to use each of them, and an analysis of their relevance among employers.

Demand for specialists

This factor directly affects whether it is worth exploring technology or not. Time is money, and developers are eager to master what will bring profit faster. To get started is to compare the number of published ads on various resources.

Angular vs React vs Vue
Angular vs React vs Vue

The same data in another form:

Bar Comparision
Bar Comparison

And in numbers:

Comparison in Numbers
Comparison in Numbers

Resource selection is based on:

  • Linkedin. Collected job developers from around the world.
  • Indeed, SimplyHired and Dice. The 3 largest job search sites in the United States.
  • AngelList. Job search in startups (allows you to understand what technologies are in demand).
  • Hired. On this site, major IT companies are looking for talented developers.
  • Remote work. Job search ads from and are added to complete the list.

From the above data, it is clear that most developers are ready to work with React and Angular. And if this is not surprising for React, the frequency of use of which has only grown over the past few years, then with Angular the story is different. The State of JavaScript,  although with a reservation, but believe that the popularity of Angular falls.

However, based only on posted jobs, you should study both React and Angular in order to expand the scope of your job search.

Freelance popularity among developers

The next analysis point concerns the use of developers to React, Angular and Vue. The image statistics of their downloads for 2 years according to the data from NPMtrends:

Downloads in 2 years
Downloads in 2 years

GitHub download statistics:

And the ratio of repositories by the number of stars they set:

According to statistics, open-source projects use React and Angular, but not Vue:

Also published statistics collected using Google Trends:

Another Google Trends statistic with other requests:

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Also, analysts have added the keyword “Angular” to the queries, since AngularJS is an outdated version of Angular, however, it should be borne in mind that the system took into account queries on non-technical meanings of this word.

Based on the data, the number of downloads is growing. However, statistics on the use of Vue goes against the number of stars put to it.

Despite the fact that there is a tendency to reduce the use of React and Angular, they still occupy the leading places. Vue is used less frequently, but a slowdown in the use of React and Angular may indicate a user transition to this framework. As for the documentation, there is more useful information on React than on Angular or Vue.

Note: major Chinese companies Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and also Xiaomi and DJI preferred Vue. Some developers believe that the Chinese market will grow very quickly, including due to the fact that Vue is an independent open-source framework without being tied to any Western giant companies (unlike React and Angular, created by Facebook and Google).

Developer Opinion

The developer should like the tool with which he works. The following is the StackOverflow resource data about the frameworks, libraries, and tools that:

  • like developers
  • annoy them
  • with whom they would like to work.

Also provides statistics data from The State of JavaScript. However, it is worth considering that the study covers rather newbies and is more aimed at the Vue and React communities, so the data is slightly distorted:

  • across all frameworks and libraries
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue

React keeps the palm among the favorite library developers. According to the above, he walked Angular on all points. Given that the latter disappoint users, and on StackOverflow, it is favored less than React. Vue is not very popular, although the community likes this framework, so you should follow it.


Based on everything written above, it is worth exploring React. It is used in companies, it develops and remains in trend. Also worth noting is a strong community, good documentation and an abundance of resources for study and work.

Remember: the conclusion is not true for one and all. But if you value your time and need an answer to the question about the tool you need to learn, you need to React.


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