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Recharge terminal: GitHub CLI in action

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A few examples of using the new tool from GitHub product manager Billy Grifin. The console utility is still in beta, but it can already do something.

A couple of days ago, a beta version of the GitHub CLI was released that extends the functions of regular Git with the features of the popular repository repository. GitHub CLI can already be installed on macOS, Windows and Linux . The utility is called by the command gh.

What can be done with the GitHub CLI?

When developing the CLI, developers started with issues and pull requests – many developers use them every day. Below we have provided some examples of how it ghcan improve the process of working in an open source project. More details are in the manual.

Filter lists by your needs

Find the open source project you want to contribute to and clone the repository. To see where the project’s lead authors are looking for helpers, filter issuesusing gh. Select those that are marked as requiring solution using the command gh issue list --label "help wanted":

Quick view details

Find the one issuethat describes the bug you want to fix. Use ghto quickly open the link in the browser and get all the details necessary to get started.

Create pull request

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Create a branch, make a few commits to fix the error described for issue. Use to ghcreate pull requestand share your contribution.

Using the GitHub CLI to create pull requests, you can also automatically fork, start a branch, and create a pull request to merge the changes.

View the status of your work

After a while, we look at what has happened since the moment your request was created – it ghissues a report and checks the status of your requests.

Check pull request

Let one of the maintainers review yours pull requestand request changes. You may have already changed branches since then. Use ghto check the pull request branch.

Make and submit the changes. Soon to pull requestbe merged – congratulations!

Learn more about the GitHub CLI Beta.


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